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Early settlers most probably came from nearby countries, with Turkey only 40 miles away the journey would not have been difficult. Artefacts found in Neolithic settlements have clear links with similar finds on the mainland and there are many villages of the period dotted across the island. During the Chalcolithic period BC copper was discovered and found to be a durable and exportable commodity. It was during this time that the trade routes, which were to be so important in future centuries, were established. With the Early and Middle Bronze Ages came the development of the first real towns and commercial centres, and due to trade, cultural relations with neighbouring countries improved. There was a steady influx of immigrants from nearby lands among them the Myceneans who developed trading cities around the island, such as Enkomi in the north and Paphos in the south. They brought with them Greek cultural methods and started producing decorative pottery not just for the home market but also for export. The Iron Age coincided with a slowing down in commercial growth and a dispersal of the peoples. Those that continued to live on Cyprus carried on their traditions until they were given a boost by the arrival of the Phoenicians.

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